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Is there a perfect marriage? Well, in collaborative applications, Yes! The EasyPalletizer and PALLY blending well together

With rising potential growth of the packaging industry, we have invested a great time in our palletizing solution bringing to customers a robust platform to automate palletizing processes more efficiently.

Our EasyPalletizer consists of standardized Europallet consoles enabling easy use on the factory floor.

When we thinking about creating new products, we always focus on the solution base idea where several brands can communicate well, therefore forming successful collaborative applications simple to implement and easy to manage. The EasyPalletizer was created to support different robot arm manufacturers, and adding a SKF lift to make possible reach results. With up to 300kg in total weight without a robot or a lifter mounted, we have opened doors for different applications.

Case study with RocketFarm, 2019

The EasyPalletizer – why is it good?

  • Floor level palletizing
  • Load transfer stations to mobile robots from conveyers or other fix units
  • Unload/load transfer systems
  • Dual palletizing system

Because we know flexibility and fast setup are important to our clients we partnered up with RocketFarm the creator of PALLY, a software that working together with the EasyPalletizer and UR arm provides a beautiful Plug &Play solution.


PALLY – Why is it good?

  • Maximum installation time: 1 day
  • Choose the pallet and pick-up position
  • Save and re-use patterns
  • No coding skills required

Once again, we are pleased to announce the partnership between Easy Robotics and Rocketfarm, setting a new path in the collaborative palletizing domain!

To know more about EasyPalletizer:

To know more about Rocket farm:






New case story from Gunnebo, Sweden

New EasyPalletizer

Let´s make palletizing easy!

New EasyPalletizer ready for our partners and customers.

The NEW ER200

The NEW ER200 is used in fully or partly automated production environments which demand enhanced flexibility and fast integration.

The ER200 is developed in respect of maximum mobility.

The ER5 series from EasyRobotics, is a series of mobile cobot platforms  APP (steel only)developed to maximize mobility and flexibility in robotic automation, The ER200 can be used for Universal Robots UR3 and UR5 and MIR100 and 200.

ER200 is a solid, mobile and compact working station to be mounted and integrated onto MIR Robots, enhancing the collaboration between UR and MIR Robot advantages.

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