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Human and Robots: The future comes with collaboration

The future is changing and it is changing fast; with it, the workplace is in high evidence. Technology, Digitalization, and Robotics are set to grow and they bring with them the ability to do work quickly, accurately, and safely alongside co-workers, and are an integral part of the workforce. Increased automation is optimizing productivity and while some people fear the human workforce will be replaced by robots, manufacturers disagree, as they are aware that both machine efficiency and human intuition are vital for optimum productivity.

Innovative technology is allowing the ability of robots to blend in with humans and allowing them to work side-by-side. Collaborative robots, also known as Cobots, are being placed in the workplace to complete either repetitive tasks or to do tasks that are very dangerous for human workers.

Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence could increase the capabilities of cobots with the potential to radically change the manufacturing sector. With more and more businesses adopting the latest technology, including robotics & automation, software solutions & cobots, the desire to push the technology boundaries is in overdrive; giving manufacturing facilities the best of human and robot interaction to optimize and maximize production facilities.

Companies like EasyRobotics are introducing Robotic Cells with multiple solutions for different machines and endless possibilities to automate. Offering flexible and compact solutions to enable and maximize the cooperation between humans and robots. Developing and producing advanced machines for industrial applications.

EasyRobotics portfolio counts with a range of machine feeders to support robot arms with different capabilities and platforms for mobile robots.

  1. ProFeeder series: Compact modular robot cell, prepared for the installation of a robot and counts with 6 variations.
  2. EasyDoor: It is a flexible automatic door opener for a variety of applications in the CNC machining industry.
  3. ER series: Mobile cobot platform for a compact mobile workstation; safe collaboration with robot arms; developed in respect of maximum mobility. ER1000 station is designed to lift and deliver pallets.
  4. EasyPalletizer: It is a platform designed to make palletizing easy and mobile inside a factory.

The key consideration when deciding to benefit from human and machine interaction is how to keep workers safe. Moreover, the top priorities for organizations adopting robotics are increased productivity at 38%, improved customer experience at 18%, and scale automation at 16%.

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