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EasyRobotics & Doosan

Flexible cobots and a variety of applications

To meet growing market demand, the Korean manufacturer of the collaborative robot (cobot), Doosan Robotics, is empowering people to achieve higher levels of efficiency and creating immediate productivity gains for organizations featuring industry-leading technology with ultra-intuitive user experience.

The combination of solutions from EasyRobotics and Doosan offers a LEAN robot automation solution for the loading of machines and other workstations, easy to program for its users to boost productivity, satisfaction, and capacity. The cobots can be applied to a variety of production processes from simple to precision tasks, and provide optimized solutions with a variety of lineups.

Some of Doosan’s applications include Assembly, Machine Tending, Quality Inspection, Air Blowing, Gluing/ Bonding, Polishing/ Deburring, Packaging/ Palletizing, Pick & Place. The advantages of those applications are mainly two; the first is to have created a custom solution through standard tools, taking advantage of the characteristics of EasyRobotics modular cells and the second being EasyRobotics easy to integrate, flexibility to a high-mix environment and minimizes the non-value-add changeover time.

Please feel free to contact: Henrik Vesterlund Sørensen or Anders Kjempff for more information.

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