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EasyRobotics now Compatible with Kassow, Doosan and Hanwha

Collaboration, flexibility, and safety are everything in the robotics world. Intuitive programming, high flexibility, with easy to move, with minimal or no additional safety measures, EasyRobotics has been specializing in building the best possible robot cell for different applications, to meet your needs.

The ProFeeder robot cell from EasyRobotics - getting started with automation is now made simple. The modular robot cell can be built up in three stages, in the production process, containing mainly four elements. ProFeeder Table, ProFeeder Light, ProFeeder, Profeeder Q.

The adaptability allows its integration with different robotic arms or brands. Perhaps you want a Kassow or a Doosan or even a Hanwha and at EasyRobotics now everything is possible and with full complaint, making it fast and flexible for your automation.

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