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Machining with Robots

Computer Numerically Controlled Machines, also known as CNC Machines, are electro-mechanical devices that can manipulate tools around 3 to 5 axes with high precision via subtraction. This market depends on its digital instructions, called G-code, and once compared to other machine techniques you can rapidly see the benefits like faster run time, higher precision and allows the Digital Design into a physical part.

CNC Robotics has frequently been able to provide a more cost-effective robot machining solution than traditional machine tools. Particularly for the manufacture of large, complex items across a wide range of materials and applications. In addition, CNC robotic systems developed by companies have been used to replace many hand-finishing tasks. Additionally, robots can often provide a faster and more consistent approach than manual operations, giving workers hand-free tasks on the factory floor.

EasyDoor from EasyRobotics is a flexible automatic door opener for a variety of applications in the CNC machining industry. The EasyDoor system can be applied to single door opening and is applicable to doors weighing up to 180 KG. The solution features integration to a high-level controller through simple connection and supports Profinet, Profibus and digital input/output.

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