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Manufacturers and Automation

What manufacturers think about Automation? 

Over the years automation has been changing factory floors. New technologies are emerging and the interaction between humans and machines working side by side is increasing, bringing rapid advances in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to enable machines to match or outperform in many manufacturing sectors.

Manufacturers do like the idea of automating processes on the factory floor, but are often challenged by dubious questions; what exactly to automate and how. At EasyRobotics, we take one in all solution very seriously, at the end of the day it the value-added is how machines work together simultaneously, and not often independently. Having a smart factory successfully working takes machines that communicated well. Our ProFeeder series was created to bring this advantage, by combining a robot arm, gripper and ProFeeder for instance, you have a ready to work robotics cell, whether machine- tending or a simple is pick & place application.

Industry executives need to take into consideration what automation is making possible with the technology and it will make possible as the technology continues to evolve; what factors to consider when making decisions about automation; and how to begin thinking about where and how much to automate to increase efficiency and value over the long run.

The potential for automation is created by its adaptability and availability to integrate but the ultimate goal is to capture as much long-term value as possible from automation, maximizing efficiency and flexibility and such an approach ensures that automation investments deliver maximum impact for the enterprise.


Please feel free to contact: Henrik Vesterlund Sørensen or Anders Kjempff for more information.

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