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Robots and Logistics

Robots in logistics: ER1000 and ER200

The automation of logistics services is a consequence of the need to adapt to a customer-driven economy which demands more flexibility and speed. These demands are being met by highly productive automated services, and that is where robots already play such a leading, and inevitable role.

Industrial robots are already performing tasks such as palletizing, de-palletizing and bin-picking. These collaborative robots are fostering the so-called “smart factory” allowing connective collaboration with one another. Easy Robotics, comes into place with robotic cells for all, with multiple solutions and endless possibilities to automate your collaborative robot.

Easy Robotics ER1000, Pallet station, and ER200, mobile Cobot platforms, are used in fully or partly automated production environments that demand enhanced flexibility and fast integration. The ER1000 can be used to lift and deliver pallets up to 1000KG supporting MIR 500/ 1000, while the ER200 can be used for Universal Robots UR3 and UR5 and MIR100/200 enhancing the collaboration between UR and MIR Robots when deployed in a factory.


Please feel free to contact: Henrik Vesterlund Sørensen or Anders Kjempff for more information.

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