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The time for automation is now

Automation as a solution for manufacturers

The competitive market space presents a constant pressure to lower the prices and run more efficiently. Industries have the opportunity to review their processes and implement beneficial solutions for the long-term and to show that automation is the solution, not the problem.

Collaborative robots, aka cobots, are often placed in areas where they complement workforce capabilities and increase efficiency and safety. It uses technology for intelligent control, high-performance sensors, and specially designed software technologies to enable new collaborative solutions in production technology.

EasyRobotics has been showing that the Robots-as-a-platform (RaaP) can be as varied as a company’s product lineup, but one thing they have in common is using the robot as part of a system designed to be quickly redeployed as needed. The ideal solution in a mixed environment should have the ability to be quickly deployed from application to application with as little change over time as possible. This minimizes the change over time that can make traditional automation expensive.

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