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  • Faster & Predictable Operation - The ER1000 is a drive through station which means the MIR500 /MIR 1000 access the station without reversing from delivery points resulting in a faster and predictable operation in the system.
  • One control unit - ER1000 dispenser can be extended to consist of two stations for delivery and pickup station with only one control unit in the center.  The communication protocol is based on the latest OPC-UA between MIR 500 and MIR 1000 to the station.
  • Request for robot pallet pick up - ER1000 consist of full communication for MIR500 /MIR1000 to call or request for robot pallet pickup.


  • Higher load stability, precision and accuracy 
  • Operation speed
  • Safe movement of boxes
  • Hand operated emergency stop on the control bar
  • Foot protection, collision detection 
  • Automated controlled lifting pallet
  • Automation driven 

Communication Output ER1000

1: ER1000 ready for receive

2: Handshake ER1000 Receive pallet and leave 

3: ER1000 ready for delivery

4: ER1000 pallet delivered

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