An easy introduction to robotic automation 

ProFeeder is a compact, mobile and modular robot cell that can be easily moved around with a pallet truck between CNC and processing machines in your production.


The ProFeeder solution is suitable for a small and medium series production and can save up to 7 manual hours in a work shift. The role of the operator is limited to just filling the parts trays and replacing the mover when the parts have been processed.

ProFeeder comes with 2 movers and 2 parts trays


The parts tray holds up to 780 parts, it has interchangeable tear plates and can be replaced with thin sheet feeding.

If the standard tear plates are not suitable for your needs, then we can design a custom solution for your specific requirements.

The mover ensures a quick and efficient change


When the parts have been processed, the mover with the parts tray is removed from the robot cell and replaced by a new mover with unprocessed parts.

When the mover is placed in the ProFeeder's robot cell, the parts trays are automatically centred.

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Your benefits

  • Uniform and high quality product.
  • Increased machine productivity.
  • Easy transition from small to larger series.
  • Increased efficiency and automated work flow.
  • Large reduction in man hours per unit produced.
  • Possibility for establishing evening and night shifts.
  • The return of investment is recovered in about 1 year, this can be  reduced, depending on the operating time.


Benefits of ProFeeder

  • Can store parts for an entire shift.
  • Mobile, can be quickly moved to a new station with a pallet truck.
  • Easy to set up and requires only connection to electricity and air.
  • The compact design allows easy access to the CNC machine.
  • Can be used with most types of processing machines.
  • The robot arm can be placed on three sides of the cell, ensuring production flexibility.


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