EME Hydraulic

EME installs EasyRobitics ProFeeder

EME Hydraulic has invested in a ProFeeder from EasyRobotics. The company CEO, Jesper Østergaard, is extremely pleased with the resulting improvements in efficiency. “We have gone from a 16-hour manning to 2-hour manning for the function the ProFeeder is now performing. We produce cylinders for agriculture and industry. We purchased a robot solution from EasyRobotics in order to free up some staff. Before, we had to man the machine for 16 hours, but after we introduced the robot we only need manual input for two hours daily. This means that we can now focus more on value added tasks, while the robot does the repetitive work" says Jesper Østergaard from the machine factory in Egernsund with 15 employees.

With the ProFeeder as a first step, he has plans to further increase automation in the future, with the next project already on the drawing board.

In the short video you can see Jesper Østergaard explaining more about the benefits of ProFeeder.